"The Adventures of Chadwick Periwinkle!"
Inaction Hero!
Episode 3: Space Drugs, Wet Dreams, PR agents from the stars.

Chadwick finally goes to far when he lets 500 people die, and is terminated from his job as a result... Little does he realize just how literally they mean it when they say terminated. In this episode, he has to contend with the Warship Helvitica, and it's crazed star captain.


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Created by Stimson Snead

star, dreams, stars, episode, spaceships, blaster, explosion, green screen, ufo, chadwick, periwinkle, chadwickperiwinkle, stimson, snead, stimsonsnead, hal-e, Ian Lindsay, Helen Stimson, Shayla Keating, webseries, insurance, masterbation, old music, hubble, red dwarf, star trek, star wars,

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