Playing is easy for children. But somewhere along the way, we lose touch with this ability. We become very good at thinking and worrying about our life instead of living it. MaDam is the story of three women (Rosie O'Regan, Fiona Dowling & Keshet Zur) who decide to relearn the joys of playing. An endearing physical theatre piece, celebrating life while subverting archetypes of femininity with gentle humour and playful imagery.

In 2009 Eléonore Nicolas won festival audiences over with her beautiful production “A Spoonful of Silence”. This year she is back with a new show, which promises to be just as warm, engaging and visually captivating.

Eléonore Nicolas creates images of quiet ethereal beauty that stay with you long after the performance has finished. Roise Goan , ABSOLUTfringe DIRECTOR.

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