POWERSLIDE Nordic - XC Trainer 2012

Frame: XC Trail II
Tires: CST 6 ¼” “Pro” air tires
Bearings: Powerslide rustproof
Weight: 2380g (S.41)
incl. brake

- Made out of special composite compound with 20% fiberglass
- Extreme strong and supportive
- 195mm long mounting distance with X-slot to find the perfect skating position
- Bottom is ventilated
- Perfect power transfer to each stride

- Adjustable X-Tech Cuff
- Made out of spezial composite compound with 20% fiberglass
- Clean and stylish fast lock buckle

- 2 piece construction
- Bottom made like a shoe with great rear fit
- Top part is a flexible cuff with thick padding
- 3D shaped

Upper & Lacing
- High grade PU upper
- Fast and effective lacing with woven loops
- Unique 2-piece construction for perfect ventilation, comfort and fit
-Upper connected directly to the shell provides great power transfer and increase support and stability

-One piece contruction for more stiffness
- Replaceable magnesium casted mounting block
- Standart mounting is 195mm (fitting various fitness skate models)
- Frame uses 8mm axles with T25 Torx head

- 6-1/4 Pro air tires made by CST
- Strong 5-spoke rim
- Hole around the valva is covered with rim tape
- Rubber Outer jacket is reforced with vectran fibers
- Off road profile for better grip
- maximum 6,3 bar / 90 psi.
*We also offer 150mm Super high rebound PU wheels for those skaters who like to skate mainly on asphalted roads and like to have more speed

- Twincam SUS rustproof bearings
- lubricated with light grease
- Serviceable SCRS ( S-Channel Rubber Shield)
- Features strong and solid nylon retainer
- 7 stainless steel balls
- Raceway is also made of stainless steel to prevent rust

-Lot of possibilities to adjust to the skating skills
- Secure feeling and optimal braking function
- Brakebad adjustable ina all directions and angles
- Opition to switch the brake system to the other skate*

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