This is an intelligent British Scifi film with a tenacious vision and deserves to get made! Currently crowdfunding on Sponsume, we are throwing everything towards hitting our target. If you are intrigued then visit sponsume.com/project/mouse to read on about the film and the incentives offered in return for funding!

Even if you don't fancy funding then please share this, we have already made so many brilliant contacts through people who found this video via somebody else.

MOUSE - SCIFI - 10mins

Mouse is a mystery/sci-fi story about a man who wakes to find himself in a building with a thousand clones of himself.

Every move he makes seems to replicate or predict the actions of another clone. Can he escape what seems to be the inevitable? Or is he simply playing out the result of a pre-determined game...

Mouse is similar in style and tone to Bladerunner, Pandorum, Primer and Moon. All of those films also use sci-fi to magnify insights into human nature rather than as a gimmick.

Filming on Mouse is due to start in 2012 and we are currently gearing up a funding drive to build a set and secure our cast. This is, I hope, a strong example of low budget filmmaking... mostly one location, one actor and no dialogue. A very visual story which is epic in ambition but very achievable in reality.

Help ensure this film gets made by contributing to it at sponsume.com/project/mouse - your chance to help new voices make it to the big screen.

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