How to manipulate retina for Peace
-Visual poetry-

I start this d.i.y(do it yourself) project after i've seen the documentary "CULTURES OF RESISTANCE"
I want to convince more and more people to see this fantastic masterpiece about the Power of the People!
Also i hope that many people finnaly will open the eyes and trying to do the best for the spirit of freedom.
Now in that fake democracy to have chance to change the world starting with ourself and fighting PEACEFULY for PEACE and LOVE, the real value of the humanity.
With our ingenious brain we must to stay free and think outside the box also we need power to show to others how to do the best, exactly like the people from the documentary.

Why I CALL like this?
Becouse i trying to print on the retina of you, watcher, the word POWER PEACE and LOVE. I found this feelings in the documentary, i make the snapshot and i chose to covering you with fast visual message. Now with subliminal and good intention i make what i called "HOW TO MANIPULATE RETINA FOR PEACE"

* now forever you will be with good intention forever and you will do the best to CHANGE the world.
Bring the forces of good on the our side and let's fight for our right!!! with PEACE AND LOVE


Worldwide, people from all walks of life are finding creative ways to oppose war and promote peace, justice, and sustainability. Culture—including film, music, and food—is fertile terrain for this struggle. Education that nourishes a critical mind and fortifies the soul is just as essential.

Cultures of Resistance (CoR) is the name of both a feature documentary and an activist network. This website,, exists as an outreach site through which people inspired by the film can find ways to get involved around peace and global justice issues.

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