This reel show the work I did for the (5th)Fifth installment of Warner Brothers "Final Destination".

Not all the work I have done has been collected inside this reel, but a big part on the destruction side.
Joined the project 3 months before the delivery date, and mostly all the challenge shots and
FX lookDev has been performed during this timeframe.

Responsible for all the secondary destruction elements for the Lions Gate bridge collapse.
This include all the edges fragmentations and chunky look achieved throgh particles instances,
not displacement as someone may think of.
A skeleton acting as a Primary simulation was done already and provided as a backend
for all the secondary and fine destruction work. The reel start with a basic Primary sim of the bridge
showing what has been provided with a very early setup I have done for the secondary and fine work,
and keep going to show where I have been pushing it after all the post destruction work was done.

My work, beside the Lions Gate bridge collapse task, include the math for a an FX system that worked on top
of all the Naiad simulation as a post process task for all the floating debris.

Worth a mention the extraordinary FumeFX work done by Jesse Holmes (
and all the superb Naiad work done by Martin Halle ( and his team.

Copyrights: "Warner Brothers", "Prime Focus".

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