A costume party is being arranged at a theatre centre. The party's theme is "world politics." Guests are given access to the theatre's costumes and to a professional make-up artist. When the costumes are finished and the party is underway, a professional "cuddle trainer" shows up to host a "cuddle party" for some of the guests in a small room off the main theatre. The video gives an impression of what happens in that room while the costume party continues on the theatre's main stage.

Two conflicting methods of transgression, the carneval vs. the cuddle party, anarchy vs. therapy, are pitted against each other.

Loopable video about a one-day event at Pact Zollverein, Essen, Germany, 2007.

initiated by Olav Westphalen
camera: Frieda Pietsch
video editing: Vanja Sandell Billstrom

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