Update #3: Update 3! (recorded 12/14/11)
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Hello!!!!! We are kicking ass! I'm updating with video and I had a tech difficulty uploading overnight so here it is a day late. I'll do another vid today and get it right up! We are 8 days away now and so so close! Check out the video for more!

We shoot the episodes this weekend!!!! Saturday and Sunday will be 2 full on production days with many locations, extras, props, crew, everything! Can we reach our goal before the weekend????

2 people have chosen the $250 reward that will grant them a call to an ex of theirs where I tell the ex that they've been doing really well since the break up. Do you want a phone call made for you??? Check out the rewards!!

We're super close to having a suuuuper cool location. Can't wait to confirm it and show you!!!

Thanks everyone please keep reposting! It's working!



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