director: gloria sulli
d.o.p.: gianluca Palma
winner: in medi terraneum festival internacional simultaneo de videoarte.

INSHALLAH is the most common expression in Arabic in the Muslim world, even the most well known term in the non Islamic countries. It means "If it is God's will".

It is a clear reference to the immigrants coming from North Africa, crossing seas and storms to reach a better life, everybody’s dream. Immigrants with pockets full of hope and a heart full of nostalgia for the country left, as we Italians have been in the past.

For the children toys are tools of dream, and through the game is possible to live courageous adventures, travels, build new worlds. Toys symbolize the immigrants that reach the shore through thousand tides.

Every end of summer on the beach of my city toys are abandoned, forgotten in the haste of the new season that is pressing: they are toys of the children of our wasteful society.

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