Camera Notes: Shot with Canon XF 100 and Deep Clear Custom Picture Style. Edited on PremierePro CS5.5
My title of "Big Horn Sheep" should have read "Bighorn Sheep". oooops!
The natural sound is real, but sadly, from my vantage point I was unable to hear or record the sound of hooves on the sandstone. Eventually I will capture that sound. It's a treat to hear.
At this time of year it’s not only the mule deer that are easy to find. Desert Bighorn Sheep are now easy to spot along the Hwy 9 route to the east side of Zion National Park. Bighorn are sometimes called a “wilderness species” because they require some of the most remote and protected areas in the West. Today, you may be lucky enough to see a bighorn, but this has not always been the case. Zion’s bighorn history is a tumultuous one.
Zion has long been home to bighorn. They are well depicted in prehistoric petroglyphs and were often seen in the early days of European settlement. However, combined stresses from human presence led to there extinction in Zion in the 1950’s. Their historic range lay vacant for over 20 years until the 1970’s when bighorn were returned to the park through an intensive re-introduction program. Only 12 bighorn were brought to Zion to re-establish the population, and despite the odds, they have prospered and the population is now estimated to over 150 individuals.

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