I have been shooting with the Sony EX-1 cameras since 2008 but until now I haven't really switched it into the 60fps mode. The 1920x1080 HQ setting is so beautiful that I have always been a little let down by the look of the 720p setting.

Since i have been using the 60fps on my Canon DSLRs I figured it was time to give it a go on the EX-1. Overall I will say that I am pleased with the smooth slow mo (conformed to 29.97) but there seemed to be a bit more 'noise' in wide shots.

This video is from spending a morning on a pheasant hunt, the dogs would sniff out the birds and when the hunters get close, the birds fly up. A good scenario for testing out the slo-mo.

A couple of shots were slowed even more with Motion and re-timing with their 'optical flow'. Using this tutorial (vimeo.com/18441588) I watched a while ago.

I also graded with Apple Color, which I normally love, but I had a terrible time coming up with a decent look on this one.

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