The Alchemist
Oil, Acrylic, Aerosol, Colored Pencil, & Video Projection
38.5" x 68"
Painting & Light Animation: Miles Toland
Featuring: Rhythm Rose Turner
Audio: "Lost & Found" by Amon Tobin

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a mediator of two realms.
She gives inanimate objects consciousness
with a flash of white light.
Her dreams inform reality
while reality melts into a dream.
Her lucidity is superior,
imagination unparalleled,
abilities revered.
She pours time back and forth in her hands like beach sand
and inhales the particulate matter
to exhale particles of gold.
The Alchemist is the funnel between the celestial and terrestrial,
but she prefers to meditate underwater.

Miles Toland has developed a unique hybridized art form by projecting animations directly on top of his mixed media paintings. The work exists both as static painting and the ephemeral new media experience in which each state of being informs the other in a poetic tug of war.

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