“The world needs to know about the plight of the Baha'is of Iran” are the stirring words spoken by Iraj Kamalabadi at the opening of this powerful short film. His sister, Fariba Kamalabadi, is serving a 20-year prison sentence.

‘Faith and Sacrifice’ weaves together accounts of nine family members of Baha'is who have faced imprisonment, torture and execution under Iran’s present government and features commentary by Mr. Glenford Mitchell, retired member of the world governing council of the Baha'i Faith who was deeply involved, at the highest levels, in the early days of the defense of the Iranian Baha'is.

Referring to the systematic attempt by the Islamic Republic of Iran to destroy the Iranian Baha’i community, Kimia Kline, whose grandfather, Fat’u’llah Ferdowsi, was executed in 1982 tells us… “The Iranian government wants these lives erased, their memories erased. But, when you sacrifice something as irreplaceable as your life…that is inherently unforgettable.”

Iraj Kamalabadi, brother of Fariba Kamalabad (serving 20 years in prison)
Kimia Ferdowsi Kline. granddaughter of Fat’u’llah Ferdowsi (executed in 1982)
Dr. Shokooh Madjzoob, wife of Mahmoud Madjzoob (arrested and executed in December 1981)
Glenford Mitchell, former member of the Baha’i Universal House of Justice
Azadeh Rohanian Perry, friend of Mona Mahmudnizhad (executed on June 18, 1983)
Mark Towfiq, nephew of Ghodratollah Rohani (arrested and executed in December 1981)
Farzad Farhand, son of Gholam Hossein Farhand, (executed November 3, 1985)
Dr. Nazanin Zagarpour, daughter of Sa’id Zagarpour (arrested and imprisoned in Iran)
Faranak Sanee, niece of Borzorg Alvarian (executed Jul 13 1980)
Shiva Moshtael, daughter of Yadollah Mahboubian (executed in 1979)
Soheilia Afnani. daughter of Nusratullah Subhani (March 5, 1985)

EDITOR: Spencer Seibert
FIELD AUDIO: Daniel Kaufman

A Single Arrow Productions film

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