MEMORIES FOR AN APARTMENT is a series of 5 short films: The Toilet, The Kitchen, The Hall, The Living Room, and The Bedroom. Each film will be 6 to 8 minutes long.

An internetrelease from Blue Bird Film:

Besides being a "five in one"-film that can be shown at any ordinary place where films are usually shown, the films are also intended to be presented as a filmic/cinematic installation - a new way for narrative films like these to communicate with the audience:

Please imagine an apartment made out of wood or fabric of some kind, built up in a large room like an old empty factory or warehouse where simultaneously each film is being projected on to the walls of the different rooms in the built up apartment. Each room will represent the room of the film fx "The Toilet", "The Kitchen" and so on. This will create a cacophony of sounds and visuals and help stimulate the claustrophobic sense of the films on to the audience. And when/if this gets just too much for some of the audiences, it will be possible to plug in earplugs and instead dive into each film and experience one story at a time.

The project is totally no-budget. Hildigunn Eyðfinnsdóttir has written the five memories and is the sole actress. Katrin Ottarsdóttir is directing, shooting and editing the films. We have been able to go through with this project because our husbands have been investing a lot of time and understanding and helping out with the sound-work, music and colourgrading and so on. Long live husbands!

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