I revised my previous AMV that I entered into the Anime North contest and entered it into an Otakuthon AMV contest. Otakuthon was so much fun! I hope to go there again. Sadly, I did not place; but I guess I'll try again. This time, to something that fully fits the category :D My friend pointed out that I need to fit an AMV to the category itself. But I always stray because I don't want it to be boring. In the Drama/Romance category, it wants a full step by step AMV, but I want more than that. I would put everything on beat, and once the song reaches its climax, so does the story. If I just go through a step by step AMV, with scenes that stay on for more than 5 seconds, I can literally put it with any song. Heck the song wouldn't even matter. But, I ended up putting this video in Drama :P Both of the videos I entered are Dramatic, but I found the Menma one gave more tears. This was supposed to go in originality, but oh well. That Gurren Laggen was AWESOME! PWNED EVERYONE :D

That is why, when someone makes an AMV of this genre AND it is interesting... then they are Gods... along with MMV makers. God, MMV making is so hard D':

Artist: Matchbox 20
Song: How Far We've Come
Anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club

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