The Raccoon Dog TV Crew are back in fine form for the fifth installment of Australia's newest online media syndication.

Gabrielle Burke catches up with Jess Barty, owner/manager of vintage inspired boutique clothing store Sunday Social.

Alex Smith enjoys an afternoon in the park taste-testing some of Brisbane's finest treats made with delicate precision by Tori Sutherland of Tori's Delights.

The trio bring you exclusive coverage of the newest event to hit the music scene, Track & Field, a mini music festival held sporadically throughout the year, showcasing the best of emerging Aussie musical talent. This time round, the stellar line-up included Bleeding Knees Club, Deep Sea Arcade, Velociraptor, Gung Ho & DJ sets from Naysayer & Gilsun, Little Scout DJ's & Unnecessary Knowledge DJ's. A concoction of indie pop, surf-rock & pumping beats that made for one cracker of a night.

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