The video is the second chapter or 'station' of a serie of 14 part of a multimedia installation.

A sacred message has been sent and you are the chosen recipient: it is a postcard from the Venezuelan chaotic imaginary. It has been packaged with the everyday and the exotic, the magic and the real, the colourful and the painful, the lost and the refound homeland ingredients.

‘The Passion of Malé’ is a temple, an altar, a multimedia installation that uses the paraphernalia of praying as a metaphor, as an excuse to design interfaces that connect between the tactile and the virtual, to transgress borders between personal and public realms, to bypass limits between sacred and blasphemous: that sublime madness of laughing at ourselves.

It is an experience that uses Venezuelan popular aesthetics to trigger conversations on South American everyday interleaving of the mundane and the fantastic.

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