I'm trying to get 4,000 for the SoftRock epic finale
in 40 Days and 40 Nights like Moses!!!
So...please watch and get excited to donate to my kickstarter!!

Here is the LINK!



SOFTROCK 1 & 2 can be seen here:

I, Actually Huizenga, and my collaborator Socrates Mitsios are creating a series of video pieces entitled SoftRock. We want to fund the final 2 (of 4). We are working with the Norwegian novelist Edy Poppy, and British designer Simon Preen. Sound is by me, ACTUALLY and my bandmate Chaz Windus.

We hint at a dialogue, a script and plot, but let ourselves fall into the total resplendence and chaos of physical relations. As an exercise in the photogenics of "sexuality," we explore the power within the act, both social and aesthetic, male, female, and in between. We objectify ourselves in a blatantly beautiful and visually pleasing environment; all the cliches of "love" offered on a golden platter. Using the veil of romance we present the very human traits of desperation, confusion & abandon.

The first two SoftRocks have recently been shown in the ASVOFF program at the George Pompidou Center:
We were discovered by ASVOFF through a performance we did in Greece ("ATHENIAN ROMANCE," which combined the ideas of romance and willing bondage through marriage...as well as a performance by my pop-self Actually which led to Socrates being led as a bound groom to share a giant cake with me in front of a screaming audience (during the Greek riots!)


Yours truly & sexually, ACTUALLY HUIZENGA

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