“Synchronicity in Shek Kip Mei“ is shot at Shek Kip Mei MTR station Exit C outside at 06:23 pm. The shooting duration is about eight minutes. I have arranged five actors in this shooting and every actor will be assigned to do a set of action or walk the specific path.

“Synchronicity in Shek Kip Mei“ is a tableau shot which is a still frame shot. It is a time image which can activate conscious experience of time and intensifies our attentiveness. When we are watching, we will easily forget how long we have watched. Also, I have set the framing which I can use the whole space. I look every person, every path and every line as an element. Any elements would have some interaction with each other, or they will reveal some contrast that is obvious. For example, there would be the contrast between the fast foot step of the pedestrians and the slow foot step of the actor. Moreover, when I thought of the shooting, the elements in the frame can be looked as a two dimensional graphic. Some may be the dot; some may be the line and some maybe the surface. I have tried to translate the dot as someone’s jump. The line may be the path of the pedestrians. And the surface would be the people walk as the same time.

I want to explore the tableau shot deeply, therefore, I try to add one more element into it – play backward. In order to have more possibility between the elements, I have asked my actors walking backward. When I rewind the clip, the actors, who walk backward, will be shown walking forward. This will create a environment that the pedestrians will walk backward while some actors will walk forward. There will be synchronicity as 2 or 3 time lines is created.

The overall ambience I have tune lower. When there will be some louder or special sound, I set them louder in order to let the audiences find the sound sources.

Every time I watch “Synchronicity in Shek Kip Mei“, I will find something new. I hope it can be a series of work.

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