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Warning: The concept of this video is an adult one, and it contains occasional and part concealed nudity. Therefore, it is only suitable for adults of the age 18 and over. IsuruFoundation™ takes no responsibility whatsoever for children accidentally accessing this video.

Video Description:

Title Two of our musical ‘The Serpent’s Sands’™, a feature length film dedicated to the music and culture of the Saharan Middle East and of North Africa, this video features in an Arabian desert setting a few of the most erotic, belly dancing videos available on the web, backed by three hauntingly beautiful and traditional but cosmopolitan, middle eastern orchestrations.

This is the final cut of the video, and we have now resolved the flaws which we had in the first cut.

It is called ‘The Serpent’s Rapture because, thematically the imagery used reflects the ancient, Judeo-Christian belief that ‘The Serpent, in the searing heat of The Desert Paradise, successfully lured and tempted Eve, the weaker ancestor of the species, to consume The Forbidden Fruit‘!


‘Serpent's Rapture’
Composed and performed by: Mosavo
From the album: ‘Serpent's Garden’
© Caravan | 2006

‘Desert Nation’
Composed and performed by: Iskelu
From the album: ‘Music of the Middle East’
© Really Free Music | 2007

‘Lonely Star By the Sea’
Composed and performed by: Mosavo
From the album: ‘Serpent's Garden’
© Caravan | 2006

Cristina Palma | ‘Belly Dance Demonstration Video’ | Vimeo | 2010
Egg Canada | ‘Belly Dance by Rolia’ | Vimeo | 2010
NextShoot TV | ‘Tara: Belly Dance Artist - London’ | Vimeo | 2010
Evolving Media Services | ‘Belly Dance by Alexandra’ | Vimeo | 2009
Dennis Stauffer [Zoomion] | ‘Sahara Wonderland’ | Vimeo | 2010
Avihass | ‘Sadie - Belly Dance’ | YouTube | 2011
HQBellyDanceClips | Turkish Belly Dancer - Didem - 107 | YouTube | 2011
MovieClips | Charlie Wilson's War (7/9) Movie CLIP - Belly Dancer Diplomacy | YouTube | 2011
Dans Oriental Didem 2011 | Camelia77050 | YouTube | 2011
Life in Cold Blood | Episode 4 of 5 | © BBC Natural History Unit & Animal Planet | 2008

‘Koika: Nausicaa’ | Slastyonoff | © MetArt | 2005

For IsuruFoundation™
‘love is the cure’

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