The brand name "SHOOP" comes from the famous, late 80's rap group Salt-n- Pepa. It's an expression meaning "good vibes", very commonly used back then. It means good energy and fresh new ideas.

Salt-n-Pepa back in the 90’s, the street and the music in general are the inspirations for the patterns prints and fabrics.
It’s sportswear with an urban and sophisticated edge. Part of our objective is comfort without sacrificing elegance.
Sweatshirts, leggings, shirts and tracksuits are the basic pieces of the collection, grouped by different themes or patterns. Unisex clothing, simple patterns, easily adaptable to all bodies, fabrics that can be worn by men and women.
Shoop also has jewellery and hair accessory lines. SHOOP JEWELLERY is developed by the prestigious Spanish jeweller Carlos Muñiz (Veneciana Stewenson), guaranteeing quality design.
SHOOP is linked to music and collaborates with DJs such as Jay Scarlett, Yohei Oki and Dr. Kwest, creating podcasts and spreading SHOOP’s concept.!/SHOOPclothing

Models: Sita Abellán y Tommy Rock
Photo: Manu Ridocci
Hair & Make Up: Alexander Juango Ibarrola
Music: Yyioy

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