A story based on a health problem I had during the first months of 2011.

Master's Thesis Project...First time doing a stop motion animation. In this case, a claymation mixed with other techniques...Created in 3 months.

Director/Producer: Laura Triana
Script: Peter Kimball
DP: Kari Barber
Photography: Tim Lake, Rob Orlowski, Laura Triana
Background Illustration: Mo Nicholas Laird
Photography in Colombia: Maria Roa
Clay Objects: Jessica Gale, Laura Triana
Bedroom Bed Duvet & Pillows: Pamela Valderrama
Clay Characters: Claire Copertino, Jeff Della Sierra, Laura Triana
Clay Characters Final Details: Laura Triana
Narration: Laura Reyes (English), Laura Triana (Spanish)
Narration Recording & Mixing: Laura Triana
Original Music: Taro Taguchi
Sound FX: Laura Triana
Hospital Ambience Sound: "newwaitroom" by: nofeedback - creative commons - freesound.org
Instrumental Music Recording: Laura Triana
Instrumental Music Mixing: Gonzalo Garcia
Motion Graphics & Editing: Laura Triana

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