This presentation will introduce Spock, a young but aspiring testing and specification framework for the JVM.
We will start out by showing Spock's beautiful and highly expressive specification language. Built on top of Groovy, it removes the need for assertion APIs, record-and-replay mocking APIs, and other unnecessary distractions. What remains is a succinct description of a program's desired behavior.
Leaving theory behind us, we will have fun with Spock in action by writing and running specifications in different environments. Along the way, we will discuss how Spock compares to well-known testing tools like JUnit and EasyMock.
Many of Spock's features are implemented by hooking into the Groovy compiler and rewriting specifications at compile-time. Fortunately, this is completely transparent to users and execution environments. Nevertheless, we will reveal some of the dirty little secrets.
Towards the end of the presentation, we will present our vision for Spock's future.

Presenter: Peter Niederwieser is a computer language enthusiast from Linz, Austria. Having used Java since 1997, Peter nowadays prefers to work with more flexible languages - in particular Groovy, Scala, and Clojure. Peter is the creator of Spock and a Groovy committer. In his day job, Peter is a Principal Software Engineer at Gradleware.

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