I am developing a multi-lens episcopic projector with shutter mechanism. Like my past works using this technique the audience will move from being ‘inside’ the projector to being in the dark space of the projected image. Very large lenses fitted into a partition wall focus the light reflected by moving object(s) so as to create a group of projections several metres across. This analogue technique is the most direct, immediate projection method possible with no processing or re-presentation.
Bringing this archaic Episcopic (opaque object) projection technique up to date with the use of advanced light and lens technology results in amazing image quality. The projected image has a captivating three-dimensional quality and although the method leads to a short depth of field the areas of perfect focus have absolute reflected detail – far beyond high-def! The effect of an object spinning and floating in a void is also evocative of computer-generated animation.
The use of multiple lenses, each with its own DMX-controlled shutter, will result in an experience as close as possible to that of a live, analogue, time-slice. Each lens will project a different angle and position of a moving object resulting in a series of projected images that would resemble frames of a filmstrip. Film and animation capture movement by breaking it into fragments in a crude version of how ones eye moves and scans a scene to perceive a space or form. This installation would de-construct this process.
To enhance this quality of a chopped up and compiled process of observing movement I would integrate shutters on each lens so that, when triggered by a computer, they would blank out each lens in-succession. At high speeds this would mean each shutter would be blanking 25 times per second so as to simulate film (I couldn’t simulate this in the video mock-up). The speed of this shutter chase could change so as to give the effect of a 35mm projector accelerating when first turned on.

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