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Color Blind By Choice - "Don't Push the Red Button"
MIR Records

Recipe: Fresh Pomegranate Tea

Prep: 10 minutes (with pre-brewed tea) Clean Up: 5 minutes


Juicer (a $40-50 Juicer can last you YEARS)



Paper Towl


1 cup Fresh Brewed Black Tea (unsweetened)

1 whole pomegranate



Brew Black Tea and set aside. (Brew 3 pints ahead of time, store in refrigerator)

Slice the top of the pomegranate off. Cut 1" deep into pomegranate following it's natural sections. There are usually 4-6 sections.

Pull apart sections with hands. Gently remove seeds with fingertips over bowl. Set white membranes aside. (For juicing purposes, the white membranes don't need to be meticulously picked out. If eating fresh arils only, remove seeds in a bowl of cool water. Membranes will float to the top.)

Scoop seeds into Juicer. JUICE!!!! 1 pomegranate yeilds about 1 cup of juice.

Place ice in cup. Pour in juice.

Add 3/4 Cup of Black Tea.

Stir and ENJOY!!!!!

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