- I see the mistakes, just too lazzy to fix.
-A big thanx to my amaizing family in DMS. The way u guys danced in tht passionate red mini skirt outfit ttly helped me out ;3;
-all info @end

[26/11/2011 19:00:55] .Moustacho.: my lazzyness is kicking in
[26/11/2011 19:00:58] .Moustacho.: yes..i need a motivation
[26/11/2011 19:03:06] Maia : *cheers you up in a cheerleader clothing* ^(ouo)^
[26/11/2011 19:03:29] Nezumi: -joins the cheering- x3
[26/11/2011 19:04:29] .Moustacho.: -puts up recorder and edits-
[26/11/2011 19:08:47] {Addie~: i see cheerleading o3o -gets into uniform-
[26/11/2011 19:13:00] .Moustacho.: -gives u each a pair of red and black with gold formine in miniskirt outfit-
[26/11/2011 19:13:51] Nezumi: -puts it on- GO ANA GO!!!
[26/11/2011 19:14:55] .: | Angie | •: GO ANA GO -throws kisses-
[26/11/2011 19:15:43] {Addie~: -puts on the uniform- *^* -jumps around and does a cartwheel-GOOOOO
[26/11/2011 19:16:30] Maia -: *massages Ana* YOU GO GIRL 8l

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