For the launch of Toyota’s new 2009 Corolla, Saatchi & Saatchi asked us to establish a look to illustrate the idea of their economy car absorbing the high end features which make it just as loaded as a luxury one. With a vortex that sucks the features through the sunroof as the concept centerpiece, the next step was to build a miniature city and landscapes, adorn them with wee trees, cows and goats. The cars, props and tenderly designed signage were all tracked in 3D to create four minutes worth of content that was edited into 30 separate spots.


Directed by: Buck
Creative Directors: Ryan Honey, Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Nick Terzich
Associate Producer: Eric Badros
Associate Creative Director/Animation Director: Jeremy Sahlman
Art Director: Thomas Schmid
Designers: Thomas Schmid, Chris Lee, Fede Reano, Joseph Chan, Joe Mullen
Storyboard Artist: Bernard Custodio
Concept Artist: Ben Langsfeld
Flame Artists: Colleen Brattesani, Billy Higgins, Lisa Tomei
Pre-Vis Editors: Ed Cardenas, Harry Walsh
End Card Animation: Gareth O’Brien

Visual Effects/3D: Sway
Creative Director: Mark Glaser
Executive Producer: Leighton Greer
VFX Supervisor: Christopher Nichols
VFX Producer: Erin Hicke
VFX Coordinator: Matt Johnson
CG Supervisor: Daniel Buck
Compositing Supervisor: Chris Bankoff
TD: Graham Fyffe

Miniatures Shoot Production Company: New Deal Studios
Director: Buck
Director of Photography: Tim Angulo
Production Designer: Sean Hargreaves
Set/Miniatures Creation: Merritt Productions
Line Producer: Michael Theurer

Interiors Shoot Production Company: Buck
Director: Buck
Director of Photography: Dana Christiaansen
Line Producer: John Gomez

Editorial Company: Filmcore
Editor: Michael Hackett
Assistant Editor: Chris Barrish
Editorial Producer: Julie Johnston

Music and Sound Design: Wolfson Music
Voiceover Artist: Vince Corazza
Final Mix: POP
Mixer: Peter Rincon

Final Color: Company 3
Colorists: Rob Sciarratta, Mike Pethel

Finishing and Final Conform: Riot!
Smoke Artist: Randy Lauder

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Executive Creative Director: Harvey Marco
Creative Director: Kevin Murphy
Assoc. Creative Director/Writer: Deb Smith
Assoc. Creative Director/Art Director: Mark Taylor
Director of Integrated Production/Multimedia: Damian Stevens
Producer: Jane Liepshutz
Account Director: Vickie Stafford

Client: Toyota Motor Sales, Inc.
National TDA Field Manager: Steve Appelbaum

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