L2, authors of the Digital IQ Index®, count down 2011's most innovative programs from prestige brands across all digital media—site, social media, mobile, and digital advertising.

In our Specialty Retail study released last August, L2 found that 67% of the brands measured had a mobile-optimized site, 45% had an iPhone app, and 39% had an iPad app. Sephora maintains all three.

However, a well-rounded mobile presence was not Sephora’s primary point of differentiation. Over the last 3 years, Sephora has adopted a deliberate, disciplined, and incremental approach to its mobile strategy.

In 2009, the brand solicited user ratings and reviews through its mobile portal, thereby enhancing the shopping experience both online and off.

In 2010, Sephora launched m-commerce, effectively creating a new and robust path to purchase.

And in 2011, the brand released the its first tablet app, which succeeded in providing a distinct user experience by incorporating all elements of Sephora’s wider social media efforts.

Few brands demonstrate this rare ability to keep pace with rapid technological change while leveraging mobile to extend or enhance—not ignore—the brand’s wider digital footprint.

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