Dec 16th 2011 an Earthquake hits twice at Puerto Rico, San Jaun, thnak the world all was okay.

We started out, longterm parking $140.00 handicap fees waived.

We boarded with Luggage, missed the pkg checkin, wound up onbard ate a lovely meal, by the time we finished room was ready, bags in, started out 7 day tour.

We enjoyed every ounce of the ship, th food is to be desired, I came out losing weight, rather gaining. could not wait to get a home cooked meal, and a real pastry.

The weather was thebest, rained last port for a minute here nad there. lucky we were between rain drops.
Onboard ship, there is to much to cover, and covered what we went out for. Each breakfast I ate a pound f Lox and bagels. for Lunch ice cream. dinner main course meals.

Alot can be said, and shared. Just ask, and I be happy t oshare my experience with you. this trip Starboard, was a 50/50 seight seeing side.
enjoy thank you for viewing.

shocked the Ship was APPLE based.

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