While in Montréal for a few days (I was living in rural Ontario at the time), working on the finishing touches of my film "Liaisons" (NFB 2005 nfb.ca/film/liaisons_fr), I was invited to a concert given by the Quatuor Bozzini (quatuorbozzini.ca)
The cellist of that quatuor, Isabelle Bozzini, had participated in the recording of Liaisons' music (music composed by Jean Derome actuellecd.com/en/bio/derome_je/).
The quatuor performed Michael Oesterle's composition, "Daydream Mechanics V" (footwrite.com/Michael/index.html)
This music (and that interpretation) really grabbed me, it was, in musical form, very close to some of the elements I was exploring, visually, in my own work.
I bought the CD ("Portrait Montréal" from "actuellecd" CQB 0401, 2004 quatuorbozzini.ca/cat.e/cqb_0401.php) and made the first 12-minute run-through in less than 10 days (I started the first sketch with/from a few frames pulled from "Liaisons").
Trying to explore and make visible the "poetic" space that can exist between images and music is at the heart of this piece (as is the case with most of my work): when the music and the images are too close, the discourse flattens and the experience becomes dull, or can even become invasive (as is the case with so many commercial pieces). When music and images are too far apart, their dialogue snaps and renders the exercise pointless.
The film explores (and hopefully makes visible) that dialogue, it ebbs and flows with that evolving elusive relationship.
All the "repetitive" elements are treated as "the-same-yet-different," which is one of the things I like most in that music (I focused again on that very issue a few years later, in Steve Reich's "NY Counterpoint" vimeo.com/33697385).
"Daydream Mechanics V Sketch 3" has been screened in film and animation festivals all over the world, from South Korea to Australia, Lebanon, Denmark, Belgium, the UK, the US and Canada, with many other countries and places in between, including in a "Musique et Cinéma" concert presented by the Quatuor Bozzini in 2011 quatuorbozzini.ca/concerts.e/2010/mtl/27250.php and vudici.net/movies/Daydream_V/Daydream_CHBP_concert.html
or better yet: vimeo.com/88277169

The credit for that success has to go to the music of Michael Oesterle, as interpreted by the Quatuor Bozzini.

However, this film requires data rates that Vimeo cannot sustain, most of the frames are very different from each other, so this on line version lacks a great deal when compared with its uncompressed original.

Festival ready (digital file, Apple ProRes 422 or h.264)

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