Trailer of the Stalking Spanish Ibex in Puertos Tortosa Beceite Documentary produced by REIVAX FILMS.

GEOGRAPHIC RANGE: East Spanish mountains (Puertos de Tortosa-Beceite Natural Park and Maestrazgo) near the sea, where the weather is very mild, although this does not prevent from forming of a rough and rugged landscape where the hunter can fully enjoy the hunt in his pure state.
HABITAT: Rocky mountains between 900-2000 m.
CHARACTERISTICS: Male’s horns are big, wrinkled and ringed, rise vertically and lean out in a very open way. They have plane form with the tips up.
HUNTING SEASON: March to May and November to January (the best is rutting season).
HUNTING METHOD: Hunting is done by stalking in private game reserves. We also have 50.000 hectares of own
TROPHY LENGTH: Over 30 inches (76 cm)

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