The Bringing of Spring, 2008
—Directed/Animated, Jim Downer
—Music, David Shaw
—Foley Assist, Justyn Iannucci
—Stop Motion, Puppet
—Wood Forms, Aluminum Wire, 3M Vetrap
—Digitally Composited, PS, AE
—1 Minute

This unadorned project was produced using wood and wire armatures, skinned with a material called Vetrap. The set is a simple black box theater—in this case a white box. Originally intended for a one minute film festival that went belly up, it was later peddled to similar venues. As low as the production quality is, it had the ability to reach people around the world.

I often hear the question, "What's the value in doing this type of work?" One obvious answer is, commercial. The other, perhaps not obvious, is to move people to experience—in this case animation—art. In moving people, animation has an enormous economic impact, as well as cultural value.

Jim Downer, 12/29/2011

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