1. Specification AFS-5: 1~5ml. AFS-20: 10~20ml.
2. Capacity: 1-2ml. (φ10.75mm) :5,000-6,000pcs/hr 5ml. (φ14.75mm) :4,000-5,000pcs/hr 10ml. (φ17.50mm) :3,500-4,000pcs/hr 20ml. (φ22.50mm) :3,000-3,600pcs/hr

2.Power:110V ;1/4 HP;5A (Made to order is acceptable)

3.Description of each part:

3-1:Ampoule infeed part: Every each time turns in 3 pcs of ampoules from turntable into starwheel and ampoules are positioned by the cam;and transported into conveyer to do the process of filling.

3-2:Filling part : 3 ampoules are deliveried by ampoule guideway.First 3 ampoules reach the front filling nitrogen(N2) area→Filling→ the rear filling nitrogen (N2)area→ preheat -- Sealing (ampoules are rotating at the same place). After formingampoules are beautiful arc-shaped. The filling quantity can be adjusted individually and base on no ampoule no filling.

3-3 Sealing part:Delivering filled ampoule to sealing process, 3 ampoules are sealed at the same time. Besides, flameneed to light the point under 13mm of bottle neck; whenglass become soft, clamper will eliminate the waste part.

3-4. After upon filling and sealing procedure, ampoules will delivered to the last process of collecting into funnel, when numerous ampolues reach regular quantity, and it will be collected into collecting box.

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