Caught in the mundane activities of a dreary life, a group of friends set out on a journey to rediscover themselves and in the process reclaim their lives.

3 days of absolute fun, lots of driving and on the edge adventure sports, and this is what we came up with!

In our two days of adventure sports we did river rafting, rappelling, zorbing, burma bridge crossing and flying fox, but not all the footage was used. While the actors were busy living life on the wild side, Kripa and I were tripping over ourselves and nearly falling out of trees trying to get those perfect shots. But we all got to go white water river rafting which was super fun! (Although we fell on the boat. All of us.) Special mention to our GoPro2 which we lost to the raging waters :(

Editing this was quite a challenge for me, it took me two days to edit because we had so much footage to select from.Ad was graded in FCP and Looks.

Directed by: Shahnawaz Ali & Kripa Jaising
Music : Sunil Singh
Copy : Kripa Jaising
Cast : Aditya Pillai
Suchitra Varma
Rehaan Tamta
Chevy Beat sponsored by : Faiz

It was a great experience shooting this film.

Tech Specs:
Canon 7D
Rokinon 8mm/2.8
Canon 24-70mm/2.8
Canon 100mm macro/2.8
Canon 50mm/1.8 this film along with GoPro1 & GoPro2(RIP).

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