Part 1: Rain, Part 2: Oak Tree Forest, Part 3: Flood. DVD loops, DV PAL 4:3, 6.1 sound.

Spring is about the culmination of all longing and desire: waiting for the reappearance of light after the dark winter. Each part of the triptych presents a horizon, which makes reference to my photographic work about horizons, but here the horizon is moving. The landscape flows by the spectator in a continuous, calm, never-ending movement. All three projections are looped, and as they differ in length, the work produces new combinations all the time.

The 5.1 sound coming from all directions is composed with different wind and rain sounds, with a short notion of blackbird and skylark.

Spring was a commisioned work for The Wapping Project, London, and first performed there as a site-spesific installation in 2001.

Direction and camera: Elina Brotherus. Production: AVEK, Women's Playhouse Trust. Sound: Epa Tamminen.
Special thanks to: Jules Wright / The Wapping Project, Pro AV Saarikko, FRAME, Robert Brotherus.

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