This is highlights from my epic ride on 3-01-09 at Hawes Trail. I started at the old entrance at Diamond Point, dropped down the Saddle Trail and went up and over the Mine Shaft Trail. I headed home on the Hawes Trail down the big downhill and didn't make it all the way home. I had a bad crash, but I ended up meeting some great neighbors and made several friends at Banner Baywood Hospital in Mesa, AZ.

I had made some adjustments to my GoPro Chesty mount and the result was awesome! I know everyone loves watching these types of videos, but I hate being the star of this film. The true stars were Kyle Clayhold and Chuck for taking me to the hospital, we met when I walked out off the trail into Kyle's yard. I can't thank them enough for the hospitality and kindness. Once I got to the hospital, I met Lisa at the front desk, she was extremely nice and got me back as soon as she could. My medical team was great; Jill oversaw my care and she was thorough in all aspects from start to finish. The friendships immediately started when Jenni hooked a brutha up with some morphine before "Mr Clean" Roland irrigated my wound. Jill (my newest best friend) noticed I was in a lot of pain so she gave me lanacane, which made the rest of the cleaning quite entertaining; my mood lightened significantly. :) I then put Jenni on a mission to find someone with a camera phone, she found Barb and she took some incredible pictures of before and after the 36 stitches. Jill worked her magic as she stitched me up and the hour flew by. The rest of the team was incredible; Cory, Hallie and Amy took great care of me and sent me off a happy camper.
The pain meds wore off in about an hour, so the reality of the pain set in and it hasn't been so much fun since, but I know it will pass. God is good! This could have been so much worse, I praise Him for keeping me safe from any major injury.
The ironic part of this is my wife, Allyson, left for Indianapolis today, so there isn't anyone to help at home... bummer. I will miss her even more than I normally do.
Enjoy the video!

Clayton Peck
NBoundZ Motorsports and Christian Ministries

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