Colourwaves is the brainchild of Melbourne electronic artist Ryan Dodson.Dodson released his second music sample to the world in July,2011,the EP "Distractions" ,as a FREE download on various websites such as Triple J Unearthed, Bandcamp,and on the Colourwaves Facebook site.
This year has been a 'water-shed' year for Australian independent music and finally electronic artists are sliding into the 'limelight'.I first became hooked on Colourwaves when I chanced by the mystical heartbeat and haunting tones of "Panama" which I first heard on only listened to the first ten seconds before I dived onto the DOWNLOAD button!
The colourwaves.bandcamp versions of these songs are better quality download.But either way this music is best served loud.
So who is Dodson a musician who is just about ready to launch his third EP, whose first two productions were produced in his bedroom and a musican who never performed his work live? It begs a thought.
I was lucky to exchange a few emails with him and found a very thoughtful gentleman.Clearly he is chasing the bigger questions in life,like: "Is life the dream or the reality?"
Which is profound question at just about any time of the day.That's why I like him.
I suppose if you are going to make waves you might as well make "Colour Waves!"

The photos in the video were taken by me.They were shot in Kakadu's Jim Jim and Twin Falls gorges.These mysterious and breath-taking sandstone escarpments are millions of years old,adding to the mystique of Dodson's muzak,

Oh yeah permission was granted to use this track.

For information about Colourwaves :

Just click on 'contact' to email the artist direct.

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