This is what you get when you put 3 undergraduate students in a lab car for 3 weeks and send them across Canada to catch butterflies. Follow us on our travels through the endless Canadian prairies out of Ontario, to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta chasing (and not chasing) butterflies across various different landscapes. I know. Pretty much the best job in the world. You can be jealous if you want.

This was part of my summer fieldwork at the Canadian Facility for Ecoinformatics Research at the University of Ottawa under Dr. Jeremy Kerr, supervised by Dr. Maxim Larrivée. Both the clips and photos are taken with a Pentax K-x.

This is my first real attempt at a video. I do not have enough room to upload the HD version, but if anyone knows a way around this, please let me know! The soundtrack is more for sentimental reasons than to set a mood!

I hope you enjoy!

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