What if your family, part of a religious minority, had been living for hundreds of years in a country known for its traditions of tolerance -- a place where you'd become prosperous, influential members of society. And then, one day, word came down that all would be lost unless you renounced your faith. What would you do?

This scenario is not hypothetical. Produced by Howard Woolf and Don Schechter, MARRANOS, a feature-length, independent film, tells the story of Spanish Jews, nearing the turn of the 15th century, whose lives were changed forever when the call went out: convert or die.

Some refused. Many fled. And many others took the offer -- outwardly -- while struggling to remain Jews in their hearts. These were the Marranos. Theirs is a story of courage, faith and resistance, and it resonates with that of the thousands of secret Jews around the world who've come forward in recent times. It also reveals the roots of Europe's obsession with resolving the “Jewish Question.” Sadly, we see a logic at work that's eerily similar to the ones at the core of Hitler’s “Final Solution" and the twisted ideologies of hate groups in our own time.

For more information, contact the producers at howard.woolf@tufts.edu or don@charlesrivermedia.com.

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