"Lunar MADness"
a LIFEinaVAN production.

LIFEinaTIMELAPSE is a series of shorts, produced by LIFEinaVAN Studios, revolving around our everyday lives; shot in sequential order, unforced and released as they come. The concept is simple: quality scenic shorts of all ranges. What makes LIFEinaTIMELAPSE unique is in the music we chose. We decided to follow the path of a single record, start to finish and found it a fitting project for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Its our goal to piece together a body of work, track 1 to 23, that stand individually alone AND together as one.

Episode 3, "Lunar MADness" is a compilation of our three camera shoot on December 9th & 10th for the Lunar Eclipse. It was awesome to witness such an amazing transformation in the sky.

Music by Alexandre Desplat
From "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
Track 3 "Meeting Daisy"


© Copyright LIFEinaVAN Studios 2011 All Rights Reserved

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