When they open a drawer, visitors are surprised to find a screen in which they are immersed in a 3D digital world with a mysterious character.

This part of the exhibit, which is reminiscent of late-nineteenth-century pharmacies and soda fountains, contains shelves with artifacts and dozens of wooden drawers that can be opened and explored to find vintage documents, bottles, and other ephemera.

To the surprise of visitors who open this drawer, however, they find a screen on another security monitor. They see themselves from an unusual angle, directly overhead. Their image is scanned, and then amazingly they are transformed into 3D computer data. Suddenly, a mysterious character who keeps cropping up in the exhibit media, the man in the hat, walks through the scene. When visitors look around, he’s not really there!

This unit utilizes a Microsoft Kinect depth-sensing camera, which turns visitors into data point clouds and immerses them into the security theme. This motif returns again and again in the exhibit, helping to create a consistent storyline.

For complete project credits visit: secondstory.com/project/secret-formula-security-system-drawer

This project is part of the Vault of the Secret Formula at the World of Coca-Cola. Learn more here: secondstory.com/project/vault-of-the-secret-formula

The Coca-Cola Company

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