wedding video i shot. edited
last video i worked on in 2011 shot on new years eve

big thanks to my betty again
helping keep me informed on whats happening and where i need to be

when your focusing on shots, set up time, moving gear...its nice to have someone else there finding out whats happening

what time the groom is getting ready
etc etc

times always change, things get pushed back

there was a lot of dark rooms around the venue where I had to shoot in, so most of it was shot using the 1DMKIV (its hard to set up your own lights without distracting attention away from the wedding, bride and groom)

some shots were very noisy so i had to clean some up in FCP7

my zoom h4n also turned itself off (full batteries)(have to get it checked out) right before the the audio you here in the wedding, is straight out of the camera...literally

did my best to clean up some of the hissing...but as you can tell...the lav mics and boom would have sounded 100% better

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