A ’music video’ on chain dancing from 12th century France. The dance was once popular all over Western Europe but has survived only in the Faroe Islands where it still is a part of live tradition.

'Regin smiður' is part of: Moving North - 10 Short Dance Films

Moving North is the result of a unique Nordic project - Nordic Dance for Camera. It aims to combine the talents of Nordic choreographers and film makers to create diverese, innovative, moving shorts. The results is a series of dance films creating their own world; an atmosphere and mood far from a stage, exploring movement and space through the camera's viewfinder rather than a proscenium arch. This selection of nordic short dance films presents a wide variety of visual manifestations within the genre.

Films on Moving North:

Burst | Dir: Reinir Lyngdal | Chor. Katrin Hall | Iceland | 5 min.
To the house | Dir. Dag Johan Haugerud, Kajsa Næss | Chor: Un-Margritt Nordseth | Norway | 5 min.
Portrait | Dir: Saara Cantell | Chor: Paula Tuovinen | Finland | 5 min.
Thursday | Dir./Chor. Minna Krook, Lisa Spets | Sweeden | 5 min.
Urge | Dir./Chor Ulrik Wivel | Denmark | 5 min.
The Radio Ballet | Dir: Per-Ivar Jensen | Chor: Indra Lorentzen | Norway | 5 min.
Rewind | Dir. Mårten Nilsson | Chor. Gunilla Heilborn | Sweden | 5 min.
Regin Smidur - une danse ballade | Dir. Katrin Ottarsdóttir | Denmark | 5 min.
Vertebra | Dir. Milla Moilanen | Chor. Alpo Aaltokoski | Finland | 5 min.
While the Cat's Away | Dir./chor. Helena Jónsdottir, Unnur Ösp Stéfansdottir | Iceland | 5 min.

Concept and Project Managers:
Magne Antonsen and Vibeke Vogel
DVD available at: barokfilm.dk/default.asp?page=specifik.asp&id=11
and at: nfi.no/filmbutikken/tittel.html?id=12877

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