Artwork and Documentation by artist Joshua Sampson

"Esssse" is an "obsolete" form of the word "ashes." It is in the OED (2nd edition).
The artwork responds to attention, or human presence. When a viewer looks through the holes in the milk crate, she sees the stereographic image of a burning lantern. As the system recognizes her presence, the flame grows until it engulfs the lantern. If you stay with the image long enough then light pours upward from the crate as flowing milk. When the viewer is no longer giving attention to the system, the flame returns to its normal size and (if triggered) the flowing of the 'milk' subsides.
Viewer: Alexis Ledesma

Mother's Milk
A milk crate in the center of a darkened room is animated by video projections corresponding loosely to a woman's childhood narratives.

A Device for Mourning
This system was installed within a broom closet at Defibrillator Gallery in Chicago IL. It acts as a digital worry doll - carrying on an act of mourning when alone. As a viewer enters, the flowing of 'milk' upon a stack of crates in the corner subsides, and the viewer is occasionally joined by the presence of another.
Viewer: Jane Jerardi

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