Benjamin Grosser

Reload The Love!
(demonstration video)

The value of Facebook lies in the breadth of its data. The source of that data is the unwaged immaterial labor of its users. Every time a user enters a status, links to a page, or adds a friend, it further details a profile of themselves that Facebook can sell to advertisers. How do Facebook's notification icons facilitate that economy? Do they train us to despise silence? Do they want us, or need us to pay attention to them? How do these icons as interactive interface play on our insecurities and narcisisstic obsessions to encourage further unwaged labor?

To explore these questions I created Reload The Love! Reload The Love! automatically detects when your Facebook notification icons are at zero and artificially inflates them for you. If new notifications arrive after Reload The Love! has inflated them, they will instantly revert back to accurate values. And any time you want to reinflate them, just reload the page to Reload The Love!

Read more information and download the software at

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