At the PSFK Conference Asia 2008, Colin Nagy (Attention!) interviewed social media/grassroots expert Andrew Hoppin (NASA) and noted architect Mark Dytham (Klein-Dytham/Pecha Kucha Night) on the subject of collaboration.

To get the ball rolling, Mark Dytham demonstrated the format of a Pecha Kucha presentation - a ’show and tell’ slide show where individuals present a topic of their choice and are restricted to telling their story with only 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds - a primer to his topic for the panel: the evolution of Pecha Kucha Nights.

Andrew Hoppin then took the stage to explain how NASA is trying to re-invent itself by engaging their community through everything from virtual meetings and co-working events to robots and raves.

Following their Pecha Kucha presentations, both speakers sat down with Colin Nagy to explore the nuances of collaborative co-working and how companies and institutions can benefit from engaging their audience, staff, partners and the community to drive innovation. Learn more at

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