The top 10 HARRY SHUM JR moments of 2011!
produced by ShumSquad

After taking more than 150 votes, we have narrowed it down to the very top 10! We also asked fans to join in and VOICE the video! Here is the list of fans and what they voiced:
Intro: @Andysleung
Number 10: @AcheleUshkoVera
Number 9: Joy Y.
Number 8: @NayaArmy
Number 7: @AmberRileyArmy
Number 6: Ava C.
Number 5: @AngelinaOh
Number 4: Hoi W.
Number 3: @AmberRileyArmy
Number 2: Hoi W.
Number 1: Ava C.
End: @nese_gleeky

(@Gleek_Adam also participated, but due to technical difficulties, he was not included in the video)

Hope you guys like the top 10 moments! Why don't you submit your own! All the awards and accolades in the world go to Harry Shum Jr.! For sure we will have much more amazing material next year! Happy 2012 #HARRYHOOKED Shumsters!

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