live coding and recording of an improvised procedural apple, written in glsl. it shows how to write a raymarching renderer from scratch, plus a simple perlin noise function and some basic procedural modeling, shading and lighting tricks. in the end, after some minutes, i get the full modeled, shaded, lighted, animated and rendered apple scene, starting out of a black screen.

in fact, bear in mind that everything you see was pretty much improvised. things could have looked a lot better, of course. especially lighting. in fact, the final and fixed version of this work, with better lighting and details, can be found here

again, this video was live recorded as i designed and coded the thing on the fly. as can see, i made several mistakes during the process and there is lots of wasted time while i think or while i browse up and down in the code hunting for the bugs (i'd say usually coding happens at a faster rate than during this recording). so, i speeded this video's framerate up by two before uploading to youtube, so it would be a little bit shorter and easier to watch. lastly, you'll see some cuts/discontinuities here and there. that's cause the video driver hang few times during the session, and i lost few frames.

more info at

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