The alternative media has been infiltrated by the mainstream media.
They didn't want to lose the control they had over the minds of the people. So they sent their best personalities here, to youtube.
They now pose as truthers, and you would think they are, because they tell you about the illuminati and their evil plans. But, they only tell you enough to make you angry and to make us argue with each other. Never! will they ask the question, 'who are these people who are making these terrible plans?', and they will never go searching for them because they don't want you to know who they are. Anything else is okay, you wont get banned from youtube for saying 9/11 was an inside job but you will get banned for saying Bristol Palin is truthergirl Karen. Why?! Think about it please.

They have already shut down dallasgoldbug's youtube account in a lame attempt to censor the truth, and now they will come after me next, you can mark my words.

and Google image search

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