"Sunglasses" a videoclip for Silicon Ballet
Directed by Bruno Tracq
Cinematography François Starr

Camera assistants Elvis Fontaine-Garant & Léo Lefèvre
Electrician Abdel Moussin
Location manager Thomas Rousselot

With : Eliot, lola, Chiara, Léa, Sophie, Pierrot, Adèle, Guillian, Coline, Lucile, Philippine, Eliot.

Thanks to Perrine Wens, the BFC team, Damien Aresta, Christophe Danthinne and the whole band.
Produced by Rien à Voir, made possible by BFC Rental

Taken from Utopia EP (1st feb 2012).
Available on Bandcamp
siliconballet.bandcamp.com/track/sunglasses and iTunes itun.es/iLx3GD


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